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Educational Program

Basical programs of education in school «Antre»

There are only 2 basical programs of education in «Antre»: 7 years-long and 11 years- long.

7 years-long program is for those girls who are about goung to the 5th grade of a compulsory school

11 years-long program is for those girls who are about going to 1st grade of a compulsory school

Annually, study begins on the 1st of September. July, 1-  study is over.

Holidays:  January, 1 – January, 13.

And July, 1 – Semptember, 1 -  for junior classes.

 July, 1 – August, 20 - for senior classes.

Children, who took gymnastics or choreography earlier, are prepared enough  and have necessary professional and outward appearance,  can  be  enrolled at any time on wishful course.

Educational programs may be corrected and changed due to abilities and progress of any concrete class.

Reorganization of classes may be held annually due to abilities of any concrete student.

Procedure of educational process may be changed due to force-majeure or orders of machinery of government in sphere of education.

Subjects concluded in compulsory program of education:

Classic ballet

Foundation of modern choreography (modern, jazz-modern)

Special physical training of a dancer with acrobatics

Dance practice (only for successful students)

Optional classes:


Ethnical dance

Duet dance

Stage dance`s directions

Actor`s craftsmanship

Art of make-up

Ballet history

Methods of teaching of a classic dance


Acess courses for children: 4-7 years old ( with a support of «Volga Region`s academy of modern art»)

Educational program consists of:

General physical training ( development and reinforcement of body systems of a child)

Special physical training ( development of professional physique – flexibility, coordination, velocity-power qualities)

Elements of acrobatics

Elements of dance rhythmics ( special program of musical –choreographical development of a child)

Our pedagogues have a special method of teaching, which allows children to get special skills and knowledge necessary for further entrance ( modern methodics of development of all physical qualities necessary for a dancer, child`s thinking through game tasks and musical-dance modes).

Classes are held in form of a game.

Within a process of studying children learn how to orientate in space, develop their sense of rhythm, coordination, velocity-power qualities, flexibility, unordinary way of thinking, children learn to communicate with each other.


A child, intrant to the access courses must be able to dress without assistance, use a toilet, have elementary skills of communication with surroundings.


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