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Our dear students, their parents, grandmothers and grandfathers!


Saratov school of choreography «Antre» is the oldest one and it is famous not only in Saratov and in Saratov`s region. It is well known and respected in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Volgograd, Samara, Тольятти, Rostov-on- Don, the Krasnodar Territory, Tatarstan, Ukraine, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Germany.


The project «Antre» which has been established and is still developing by it`s headmaster Igor Aleksandrovich Perepyolkin, had it`s 25th anniversary in 2013!


For a quarter of century more than 7 thousand of students passed through our dance classes, hands, hearts. Nowadays our graduates dance in wonderful choreographic companies, work in theatre troupes, manage their own choreographic companies, teach in choreographic and sport schools in Russia, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the USA.


The best choreographers of Saratov, whose names are famous all over the world, the best «golden» graduates of our school that passed internships of the most well-known choreographers all over the world, now teach at choreographic school «Antre». On the conditions of masterclasses periodically work choreographers from Moscow and the European universities. You may find out the information about them on our site in the section « Our teachers».


System of education in school «Antre» is established on stable acknowledged all over the world professional basis of Russian Ballet School. However we do pay particular attention to author`s methods of developing professional skills of a dancer. The base specialization of our graduates is a contemporary dance – «MODERN DANCE», «JAZZ-MODERN DANCE».


Every serious ballet school is a single closed for uninitiated people world, where the whole way of life is subordinated to the main affair – perception of art of dance. There is a special order of day, special dietary habits, special order of studying, rest and sleep, there is a special clothing and hairdressing accepted, special manners of behavior and communication, a particular attitude towards teachers-choreographers, reverence for masters of choreography. This is very strict, but fantastically marvelous world, in which every «ugly duckling» will turn into Marvelous Swan. Saratov school of choreography «Antre» continues to be this Marvelous World for a quarter of century.


Nowadays it became fashionable to place children into famous and prestigious schools in any possible ways. We`d like to remind you that you don`t need any money, connections etc. to study there. But  IT IS OBLIGATORY to have: natural endowments, talent and a wish to work hard. Without it child merely wouldn`t be able to study there.


No money would be able to make a brilliant out of cobblestone, and as one popular character of a fairytale said: « No connections would be able to make a leg small and a heart big!».


The school «Antre» is not a free fashionable extended-day group, which you may attend in a free graph and do whatever you want.  The school «Antre» is a serious educational establishment, which prepares students according to the curriculum and educational programs, annual final exams, by the results of which weak students are expelled. There is a neatly structured system of educational process with the most convenient timetable for students and hard schedule of works.


Non-attendance of lessons without a good reason is unacceptable. ( look up Statement about educational process).

That`s why we want you to remember that:

1. " Antre" is a municipal budget free school with entrance examinations not for rich or poor but for talented and workable.

2.  Here is a very strict selection of students due to their natural abilities.

3. Here is annual explusion of students who do not succeed within the year or do not pass exams

4. Do not upset if we didn`t accept you - there are lot of wonderful dance companies.

Our school is only for those who ready to work 24 hours a day.

Nowadays Antre accepts only girls because of the lack of available space. 

«Antre» was established in 1987 by Igor Alexandrovich Perepyolkin, who is still it`s head and art director. Students of « Antre» dance both classic choreography and choreography « modern», «modern-jazz», which get colored mixed with Russian Classic Ballet School.



Набираем девочек от 6 до 11 лет - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 классы общеобразовательной школы. Прием на начальные курсы школы "Антре". Обязательно присутствие одного из родителей с паспортом. Одежда для ребенка на просмотр - белые трусики. Ребенок должен быть чистым и ухоженным. тел.: 239975, 89053241865
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