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Terms of entrance

Terms of entrance

Application`s reception from entrants (parents or their substitutes) realizes from May, 15 till September, 15. On the first year of 7 - year long program accepted children who graduated from primary school (1-4 grade). On the first year of 11 – year long program accepted children who do study at the first grade of comprehensive school.

Entrance examination:

Are held into 2 tours.

1 – Examination by specialists (choreograph, musician – supervisor, doctor, teacher, psychologist)

2 – Estimation of artistry

Within the year without entrance examination children at the age of 10- 15 could be accepted by the results of interview, who did choreography or rhythmic gymnastics before.

Examination of entrants:

For examination and document feeding should present parent ( or his substitute) and a child (NECESSARILY)

A child should have swimsuit or clean shorts or swimming trunks; to be neat, tidy, brushed and well-groomed.
It is advisable to have a photo of father and mother at a full length

Necessary documents:

Application for admission (addressed  to the school`s head) (download PDF)

2 photos 3*4 ( without a corner)

Xerocopy of a birth certificate

Xerocopy of medical insurance policy

Xerocopy of child`s foreign passport (if exists)

Xerocopy of parent`s passports

Medical certificate of a health ( pattern № 086/y)

Download file PDF

Requirements for form and professional qualities

Preparatory groups for entrance to «Antre»

All children are accepted at the age of 4-10 of they have a certificate of a health (pattern № 026 for child preschool age and pattern № 086 for pupils).

There is a special uniform required.


The first year of education ( first course) is a probationary for all students without exception. At the end of first grade there is either transference to the second grade or exclusion of those who couldn`t cope with the program (mark « 2», i.e.  child`s results are unsatisfactory) or missed 30% (or more) of lessons in «Antre» within a year.

Absences are not counted only if a child has a certificate of a health ( pattern №027/y: stationary or ambulatory: but still no more than 5 % of absences).

Attention: non-attendance of classes the easiest way to fail to cope with the program, one of the reflections of «unsuitability for a profession».

Missing of any of annual final exam – exclusion without a right to get any document . Non-attendance because of state of health should be confirmed by appropriate document from clinical medical establishment ( certificate of a health № 027/y: stationary or ambulatory)

No other certificates of a health do not excuse non-attendance caused by state of a health.


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