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«Antre» was established in 1987 by Igor Alexandrovich Perepyolkin, who is still it`s head and art director. Students of « Antre» dance both classic choreography and choreography « modern», «modern-jazz», which get colored mixed with Russian Classic Ballet School.

As a result of longstanding experimental researches was created a special program for development  of special physical qualities of a dancer ( flexibility, coordination, stamina, spring ability, speed-power qualities),  which our students have 15 up to 30 % higher than rates of students of other analogical schools, in which these experiments were held. It became possible due to author`s program (created by I.A. Perepyolkin): « Special physical training for a dancer», which was created on a basis of researches of Scientific Research Institute of Sports in Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, the USA and China   in sphere of rhythmic gymnastics and acrobatics and also on the basis of experience of Russian and foreign scientists occupied with sport`s physics. Nowadays this author`s program had an approbation in schools of choreography, colleges and institutes of higher education in Moscow, Volgograd, Saratov and some dance groups of «Russian Circus» company and was introduced as compulsory subject at the faculty of choreography of Department of Arts of Saratov State University.

Since 2001 Saratov Choreographic school «Antre» is a basis for practice of students and scientific - research work of Saratov State Universty.

Stages of development of project « Antre»

1987 – establishment of a section of rhythmic gymnastics in the House of Pioneers and pupils in Volzhskiy`s district of Saratov

1989 – choreographical group – « Sport Show Ballet « Antre» was established on the basis of rhythmic gymnastic`s section

1993 -  independent organization « Center of Ethical Education – Childish Sport Show Ballet « Antre» ( CEE CSSB « Antre»)

1995 -  Center of Ethical Edication Childish Sport-Show Ballet «Antre» is reorganized into municipal specialized sport-choreographical school «Antre» (MSSCS «Antre»).

1997 – School Ballet Theatre « Antre» is established on the school`s basis

2002 – Municipal Specialized Sport- choreography school «Antre» is renamed into Municipal Establishment of Special  Children`s Education «Saratov Children`s School of Choreography «Antre»».

2008 – Ballet company «Igor Perepyolkin Russian Dance Company» is established on the school`s basis

2011 –

  •  Municipal Educational Establishment « Saratov Children`s School of Choreography got the status « Educational Establishment of the First Category»
  • Realized joint project of « Saratov School of Choreography «Antre»» and student`s club of Saratov State University – created dance company « HomoLuDance Company».

Annual events held by school «Antre»:

1993-1996 – participation in New Year`s programs and festivals of Saratov Nikitin`s Circus

1996-2002 – choreography in performances «Governor New Year`s Tree»

1998-2002 – staging of choreography and participation in New Year`s performances of «Saratov Regional Philarmony»

1995-2000 – participation of Saratov Choreographic School «Antre» in annual benefit performances of Gorbachev`s choreography «Easter Holidays» in theatre of operetta

Since 1996 – organization of annual «Open contest of young choreographers» in memory of a friend and talented ballet-master A. Gorbachev ( Saratov)

2004 -2012 – Co-organizers (together with International Charitable Organization « Our Future» ( Volgograd), RATI GITIS (Mocow), Institute of Arts od Saratov State University) of  interregional contest-festival « Ship of hope», members of jury, tutors of master-classes.


Since 2005 – Together with Saratov Diocesan Administration and the church of « Icon of Kazan’s Mother of God» co-organizers of annual programs on Day of Reconciliation and Easter.

Since 2008 – together with International Charitable Organization « Our future» ( Volgograd), RATI GITIS ( Moscow), Institute of Arts of Saratov State University, Annual International Summer Dance School «VIVA DANCE» and International contest-festival «Viva Dance». I.A. Perepyolkin – art-director of a project, teachers of Saratov School of Choreography – tutors of master-classes ( Dagomys, Adler)О

Since 2010 – annual program on the stage of Saratov State University « With friends and for friends». Saratov school of choreography «Antre» and Saratov State University Ballet « LuDance» invites in its concert program 2 choreographic collectives which proved itself the best in genre of modern choreography within a year. /ОГРНИП 1036405005064

Booklet devoted to the 15th anniversary of school «Antre»

Contact information

Russia. 410002. City Saratov,  Lermontov`s Street, 25/1

Telephone: 8(8452)239975

Higher education for gymnasts and dancers of modern

Congratulations to all of our founders, school collective, site`s administration collective on frontier of  half-million visitors of our site.

All of our visitors:

Friends, who have been supporting us

Our dear, talented and workable students

Founders, who finance us and bear us

Random visitors who were interested in our site

Our enemies trying to play dirty tricks on us

Thanks for visiting our site!

Sincerely yours I. Perepyolkin and school « Antre»

29 и 30 августа с 18.00 до 20.00 просмотр детей для зачисления в школу "АНТРЕ".
Набираем девочек от 6 до 11 лет - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 классы общеобразовательной школы. Прием на начальные курсы школы "Антре". Обязательно присутствие одного из родителей с паспортом. Одежда для ребенка на просмотр - белые трусики. Ребенок должен быть чистым и ухоженным. тел.: 239975, 89053241865
Администрации Волжского района г. САРАТОВА.
Обучение БЕСПЛАТНОЕ!!!
Однако - Строгий отбор!!! 
Тел. 8-8452-23-99-75; 8-905-324-18-65