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NEW higher education

New higher education for gymnasts and modern-dancers

Saratov State University

ИмениН.Г. Чернышевского

Art Institute

Opens the newest direction of choreographic preparation

For professional choreographers and professional sportsmen

071200 choreographic art

Sine 2014 two programs are realizing in two bachelor`s profiles. By International Convention and mutual recognition of specializations of higher education in the world our diploma will give a right to work in any country on following specializations:

  1. Pedagogy of contemporary dance ( bachelor of choreography’s art – profile: pedagogy of contemporary dance): graduates of choreographic schools are accepted and selectively graduated of schools of arts, strong dance companies, where children have sufficient base of training for classic, contemporary and folk dance to be able to pass competitive examination in our  institute. Good style according to  European scenic ballet criteria and capability to free movement in genre of contemporary ballet are welcomed!
  2.  Choreographic pedagogy in sports ( bachelor of choreography`s art – profile: pedagogy of choreography in sport). Sportsmen of artistic kinds of sports are accepted (rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics aesthetic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, acrobatics, figure skating). The level of sport qualification should be not less than « master of sports candidate» with good basic choreography`s training and capability to pass successfully competitive examination. . Good style according to  European scenic ballet criteria and capability to free movement in genre of genre of sports choreography are welcomed!

National State Exams compulsory for both profiles:

  1. Literature
  2. Russian language
  3. Your own performance ( any performance close to your choreography`s direction r sport )
  4. Test of dance abilitites ( in form of general экзерсис) and an interview in questions of choreography

Creative exam is compulsory and it`s held into 2 phases

You may get 5 till 20 additional points, participating in our contests and festivals, getting appropriate certificates.

Desirable requirements for all entrants on budget

active gymnast, dancer, sportsman, good style (shape), wish to work in dance companies of institute of arts and, first of all, in the ballet company of Saratov State University «LuDance Company», to have a wish and be able to go to festivals and contests within Russia, on contests and tours abroad ( having  foreign passport).

Wish to work with children and earn money ( paid groups).

Already now you have to prepare seriously for you National State Exam in literature and Russian language, to have no problems with entrance further.

Super bonus: You may send last photos of yourself in full-length working (3-5 photos). Write a short summary about yourself: « Why should we accept exactly you on privileged conditions on the profile, you chose.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Perepyolkin Igor Alexandrovich. We will connect you certainly to suggest you the ways to enter our institute of SGU.

Our contacts:

Perepyolkin Igor Alexandrovich: deouty director of institute of art of SGU in art-creative activities.

Тел. 89053241865+79053241865

Тел. +79053241865

The first 10 gymnasts ( profile – pedagogy of choreography in sports) and ten ballet dancers ( profile – pedagogy in contemporary choreography) who sent us their summaries and photos will get a priority right at the selection of candidates on budget education.

Don`t forget about NSE.

Also you may connect dean`s office of institute of art in all questions by this telephone number 7(8452) 228-333

ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Сайт ничего не продаёт, не покупает, не рекламирует. Вся рекламма кроме набора и обучения детей в г.Саратове является спамом!


Набираем девочек от 6 до 11 лет - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 классы общеобразовательной школы. Прием на начальные курсы школы "Антре". Обязательно присутствие одного из родителей с паспортом. Одежда для ребенка на просмотр - белые трусики. Ребенок должен быть чистым и ухоженным.
 тел.: 23-99-75 (Школа)
8-905-324-18-65 (Директор)
 ОТКРЫТ НАБОР ДЕВОЧЕК НА 2023 учебный год
Администрации Волжского района г. САРАТОВА.
Обучение БЕСПЛАТНОЕ!!!
Однако - Строгий отбор!!!

Тел. 8-8452-23-99-75; +79053241865